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August Newsletter 2003


Despite the foggy weather in Christchurch July has passed without too much disruption to the best game in the world. They say that the only reason to look back is to help to go forward.

I dont know if that is correct in this case but there are those among us who can remember an occasion when all soccer was cancelled for 3 consecutive Saturdays due to inclement weather. That would be about 30 years ago! I remember it well as I had just had my 21st birthday.

There were also seasons when, due to cancelled games during July and August the Knock-Out tournaments had to be cancelled as there were insufficient playing days left to fit all the rounds in.

You dont believe me? Then talk with Brian Hulton, Ivan Billcliff or Peter Donnelly. Each of those gentlemen will I am sure remember the good old days. And if you have half an hour to spare talk with Eric Phillips


Now I would never rate myself as a world beater when it comes to mathematics but can someone explain to me this equation.

A + B C =D

If A equals the number of active referees we had in 2002 and B equals the number of new recruits we are reported to have gained and C equals the drop off numbers from 2002 then D should be the number of officials taking the park each week.

The sum therefore is 32 + 34 10 = 56

According to the names I have on the appointments sheet for this week ( Saturday August 2) there were only 39 members on active duty. Now I stand to be corrected but even a poor mathematician such as me can make a short fall of 17. Perhaps Peter Bloy could have an Actuary check my figures.


How about this for being thrown in at the deep end! Di Lord arrived for her first game in the middle at Avonhead Park. The teams were Avon and Shirley Boys High School 2nd team.

This is what Di was faced with: A pitch with no corner posts. A SBHS team with first of all only 7 players which increased to 8 just prior to kick off. A goalkeeper to help make up the numbers who was well over 40 years of age. Remember this was a Youth Cup game.

One player with no shin pads and one player who had shin pads but no socks.

The home team produced posts just prior to kick off in fact they produced halfway posts as well which they implanted on the touchlines.

Despite all of that Di performed credibly ably supported by an inspector.


Whilst we are on the subject of the gentle sex (no not the inspector you idiots) it is well to remember that most clubs do not have separate changing facilities for females. Please respect these females that we have welcomed into our association and give them privacy. Should they arrive at the ground not wearing their uniforms please let them have the room to themselves for 10 minutes. I am sure they will gladly vacate so that males can change into their uniforms in due course. Thanks guys for your courtesy.

How about this for a keen supporter!

Joe and a friend were approaching Ashton Gate (Bristol Citys Ground) when a long funeral procession was passing. Joes friend immediately knelt down and bowed his head. Afterwards Joe said to his friend that was a kind and gentlemanly thing to do and I really am impressed. Well said the friend it was the least I could do after all I was married to her for 35 years.


No feed back so far on last months question, which was, How many Nationalities are represented in our ranks? Dont ask me as I am like a school teacher; I keep asking the pupils for answers to questions that I do not know the answers to myself.


The good news section this month must include the names Wayne Stapley and Paul Dalziel.

These members of our association have been appointed to officiate at this years Chatham Cup Final. Well done you guys. It is moments like these that help make an inspectors life satisfying. I have had the pleasure of being involved with Paul almost from the day he joined us and to see him come through in such a short time to this level really is pleasing. With


Wayne my involvement over more recent years has been with his training schedule for the Australian League as well as inspecting at his games locally. It is what it is all about!


Looking to the not too distant future please make a note of the following tourney dates when officials will be needed;


Grade                                     Dates                              Venue

Age 13 Boys                           Sept 29 to Oct 2               Maria Andrews Rangiora

      14                                  Sept 26 to Sept 26            Tullet Park Nomads

      !5 & 16 Boys                  Sept 29 to Oct 2                                    

      13 & 14 Girls                        22 to Sept 26            Bexley Reserve

      15 & 16                         Sept 29 to Oct 1                               

How about taking your annual holidays over those dates. It is much more fun refereeing than it is lazing in the sun at Surfers developing Melanoma.


Finally this month a word in everyones ear! Shortly, if the weather holds we will be into Knock Out Tournaments. Before you go off to your games ensure that you are well aware of the rules governing those games. Such as extra time, Golden Goal, etc. For those newer members please note that if a game goes into kicks from the penalty spot substitutes cannot be allowed on to take those kicks. Only players on the field at the end of extra time are to take part in the shoot out.


Many thanks to those who have spoken to me favorably after receiving the July newsletter. I am not immune to a little flattery. There may not be a newsletter next Month as I will most likely be in Fiji developing melanoma.


Yours in sport! The fantum ref.