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New Zealand 6 vs Solomon Islands 1
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OFC Nations Cup 2002
Auckland, New Zealand 5-14 July

Match 10, Day Five (Tuesday 9 July):
Group B - North Harbour Stadium
Final Score: New Zealand 6 vs Solomon Islands 1
(Halftime: 3-0 New Zealand)

All Whites too strong for Solomons
By Peter Rees - OFC Media Officer

The New Zealand All Whites overwhelmed the Solomon Islands 6-1 on Tuesday to
win Group B and advance to the second semi-final (Friday 12 July at 7:30pm)
where they will play the Group A runner up which will be decided after the
final Group B matches on Wednesday night.
All Whites coach Mick Waitt believes Vanuatu will be their opponent with the
odds stacked against Fiji pulling of an upset against the Australia
Socceroos. Waitt said Vanuatu were perhaps the best island nation at the
tournament, certainly defensively and he was not going to underestimate them
even though the All Whites have been in dominating form. Vanuatu plays New
Caledonia on Wednesday night in a match they are favoured to win after
pushing the Socceroos hard and upsetting Fiji 1-0 on Monday night.
But the mood after Tuesday nights last Group B matches was one of relief
more than anything else. Both Waitt and Solomon Islands coach George Cowie
made clear their displeasure with the state of the North Harbour Stadium
Waitt remarked at the after match press conference that he was glad to get
that match over with having already qualified after big wins over Tahiti and
Papua New Guinea. He reasoned the pitch was almost unplayable and could
have led to more injuries.
Cowie conceded the All Whites were too strong and deserved to win. But he
lamented what could have been had the state of the pitch being drier.
They are a better side on a better pitchwe cant cope and play in those
conditions, he said.
Cowie hopes the planned Melanesian Cup goes ahead and looks forward to the
South Pacific Games in Suva, Fiji next year when the island nations get
another opportunity to gauge their strength and gain more exposure.
The All Whites looked sluggish in the first 25 minutes until midfielder Ivan
Vicelich ghosted in for a goal. Just before halftime, Paul Urlovic added his
name to the scoresheet and Vicelich was in again for his second goal.
Eerily enough, the deterioration of the field in the second half seemed to
coincide with lapses in discipline. Solomon Islands replacement Timothy
Paoka was sent off after being booked for the second team in the 85th
minute. Some other players were lucky not to get booked for unsporting
behaviour. Waitt was quick to point out this afterwards, but his team
responded well with second half goals to Mark Burton and a brace to Jeff
Campbell. Henry Faarodo scored one for Solomon Islands in the 73rd minute
connecting with a brilliant cross from the right side by Commins Menapi.


28 min - NZ # 15 Ivan Vicelich
42 min - NZ # 9 Paul Urlovic
44 min - NZ # 15 Ivan Vicelich

49 min - NZ # 17 Jeff Campbell
73 min - Sol # 18 Henry Faarodo
75 min - NZ # 17 Jeff Campbell
88 min - NZ # 7 Mark Burton


New Zealand
45 min - # 6 Raf De Gregorio replaces # 9 Paul Urlovic
51 min - # 16 Glen Collins replaces # 15 Ivan Vicelich
59 min - # 2 Duncan Oughton replaces # 6 Raf De Gregorio

Solomon Islands
36 min - # 7 Timothy Paoka replaces # 10 Batram Suri
60 min - # 5 Richard Ruakome replaces # 4 George Suri
66 min - # 19 David Firisua replaces # 12 Vivian Wickham


Yellow card - Sol # 9 Commins Menapi (9)
Yellow card - NZ # 5 Jonathan Perry (30)
Yellow card - Sol # 7 Timothy Paoka (54)


Red Card - Sol # 7 Timothy Paoka (85)

Team Lists:

New Zealand: 1.Jason Batty 3. Lee Jones 5. Jonathan Perry 7. Mark Burton 9.
Paul Urlovic 10. Chris Jackson 13. Christian Boukenooghe 14. Ryan Nelsen 15.
Ivan Vicelich 17. Jeff Campbell 20. Gerard Davies
BENCH: 2. Duncan Oughton  6. Raf De Gregorio 16. Glen Collins 19. James

Coach: M. Waitt

Solomon Islands: 1. Severino Aefi 3. Mahlon Houkarawa 4. George Suri 6.
Martin Ruhasia 9. Commins Menapi 10. Batram Suri 12. Vivian Wickham 14.
Stanley Waita 16. Henry Koto 17. Gideon Omorikio 18. Henry Faarodo
BENCH: 5. Richard Ruakome 7. Timothy Paoka 8. Leslie Leo 11. Patterson
Daudau 13. Jerry Allen 15. Jack Samani 19. David Fisirua 20. Fred Hale

Coach: G.Cowie

Referee: Harry Attison (Vanuatu)
Assistant Referee 1: Michel Angot (Tahiti)
Assistant Referee 2: Nathan Gibson (Australia)
Fourth Official: Charles Ariiotima (Tahiti)

Match Commissioner: Armand Colombani
Referee Inspector: Hari Naicker (Fiji)

Crowd: 1000 +
Weather: cold, light wind
Start time: 7:30pm