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Canterbury Soccer Referee Profiles
Mark Rule
Brian Hulton
Tony Ambrose
Peter Bloy
Andy Brown
Ash Connor
Paul Dalziel
Liam Doyle
Wayne Elcock
Mike Halpenny
Vasilis Kazakos
Hossam (Sam) Khaled
Chemi Li Sheng
Hamish Little
Darrin Mitchell
Stephen Roach
Mark Rule
Wayne Stapley
Brian Stevens
Gabriel Streza
Ian Walker

D.O.B. 8/6/1981  

Occupation: Student  

Married/ NO!

Children? NO!

Hobbies: A love of all sports, still play touch and cricket very socially. Play drums in a church band.  

Referee History: Began refereeing a friend’s team at the start of 2003. Half way through that year I sat the introduction referee course and proceeded on to referee at local level. Have been to National academes in Napier (end of 2004 and 2005); to further enhance my refereeing skills. 2004-05 appointed to National Youth league as an assistant referee. 2005-06 appointed to N.Z.F.C as assistant referee.




Why you became a referee: I became a referee as my mates team had to referee a half each and the players didn’t really want to do it. They let me have a go and actually found I enjoyed being involved again. After a while someone said I should take it more “seriously” so I did.



Anything Else you want to add. I want to specialize as an assistant referee because I feel this involves slightly more “mental capacity” than refereeing therefore better suiting my genetic make-up. In addition I also like the “lining” component of a game compared to the refereeing part.

My ultimate goal would be to one day gain a call up onto F.I.F.A’s international list.