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Canterbury Soccer Referee Profiles

Stephen Roach

Brian Hulton
Tony Ambrose
Peter Bloy
Andy Brown
Ash Connor
Paul Dalziel
Liam Doyle
Wayne Elcock
Mike Halpenny
Vasilis Kazakos
Hossam (Sam) Khaled
Chemi Li Sheng
Hamish Little
Darrin Mitchell
Stephen Roach
Mark Rule
Wayne Stapley
Brian Stevens
Gabriel Streza
Ian Walker



Stephen Roach

Born: 29 Dec 1961, Christchurch

Occupation: Executive Officer – Villa Maria College

Married to Kathleen

Children: 3 (Amy, Kieran & Emily)

Hobbies: Genealogy

Football/Referee History:


2004-06: local refereeing to Premier League level

2003 Attended Stage 3 Referee Development Academy, Nelson; local refereeing to Canty League and AR to Premier League level.

2002 Attended Stage 2 Referee Development Academy, Napier; local refereeing to Reserve & Super Youth levels.

2001 Began mid-season; refereed Premier Youth Cup final.


Why I became a Referee: To keep involved in the game, stay fit and for community service


2005: Nominated for Referee of the Year; AR in National Youth League; Refereed English Cup final

2004: AR in National Women’s League

2003 - NZ Badge, Nominated to National Youth League