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NZFC Referee Profiles

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Michael Brock-Referee

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Michael Brock

 DOB:      Taumarunui     22-08-1974

Occupation:   Sales Rep for Mastertrade

Family:    Single, no kids (that are known of)

Started Refereeing:     1993

Previous Associations:    Waikato, moved to Auckland 2002

FavoriteTeam:           Liverpool (see Tattoo)

Favourite Beer:                   Waikato Draught

Refereeing Aspirations:   FIFA Referees Badge

Refereeing Highlights:    

1999 Kanga Cup, Canberra Australia

 2000 School of Excellence;

 2003 Chatham Cup Semi Final AR,

2004 NZFC Reserve Referee

Other sports:                       Cricket.

Playing History:                  Taumarunui AFC, Tongariro U/15s, Unicol, Otorohanga. Coached U/16 Waikato Womens