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NZFC Referee Profiles

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Ian Walker-Referee

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Ian Walker

Born: 25/05/62; Derby, England

Occupation:  Area Sales Manager

Hobbies: Running, reading, sports enthusiast

Football/Referee History:

Played as goalkeeper in playing days for NCR, Petone, Hutt City,                                                           Raumati Hearts & Lower Hutt City


Why I became a Referee:

Having suffered a broken nose & cheek then followed by a broken leg in the 1990 season it soon became apparent a new career was needed. I had been approached by the late Wally Noon to give refereeing a go. After his unfortunate fatal accident I decided to give refereeing a go in his memory along with keeping an involvement in the game.                     

Highlights:  First game in the middle – Upper Hutt Utd vs Varsity in Wgtn div 1

                   Refereeing Chatham Cup final 1999

                   Refereeing National League final 2004

                   CSRA Referee of Year 1998 – 2003

                   CSI Referee of Year 1998 – 2005

                   NZ Soccer Referee of Year 2003