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NZFC Referee Profiles

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Jim Murphy-Assistant Referee

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Jim Murphy

Born Old Trafford, Manchester (yes, really!)         

Occupation:  Policy Manager with the Department of Child, Youth and Family

Marital Status: Married; to Jo

Children: No thanks!

Hobbies: Football, golf…more football and more golf.

Football/Referee History: 

Played at a half-decent level in Manchester and in NZ, with Havelock North and Taradale in the old Central League and coached at Central League and provincial rep senior and U16 level. Started refereeing in 1990 and got NZ badge the following year. Currently refereeing Fed 5 Premier League and assistant referee on the new NZFC (having done 2 years on the old National league).


Highlights so far:

As a player - various rep honours, winning trophies and one particular game for Havelock in New Plymouth that was 'full on', played in front of about 1,500 people and ended in a lose/lose for both teams. We lost 0-1 and were relegated from Central 1. However, New Plymouth needed to win 3-0 to be promoted to the National League so they missed out and Waterside Karori went up.

As a coach - winning the Straits Tournament in Mana with the Hawkes Bay U16s

As a referee - any game with a real edge to it where you manage to keep 22 players on the field! 


Why I became a Referee:

Too old to play at a decent level; didn't enjoy (or was much good at) coaching, but wanted to stay active in the game. As a player and coach I always held the view that referees can make a big contribution to players'  and spectators enjoyment of the game (or not, as the case may be!). My experience as a referee has re-inforced that view. I continue to referee because I really enjoy the relationships with players, coaches, spectators and other refs and in 14 years refereeing can only think of a a handful of games that I didn't enjoy.


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