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We are always looking for people interested in becoming a soccer REFEREE

How Can You Join?

To become a Referee a person must first undertake a Referees' Instruction Course which is usually held two nights per week for four weeks. During this course the Rules of the Game shall be lectured upon and this may include some practicle demonstrations or the use of aids such as videos or slides.

At the end of the course the candidate shall undergo a theory examination on the material lectured upon. A score of 75% or more is considered a pass and from this the person may join and participate in active on-field refereeing.

If you would like more information on becoming a Referee or any other matter please E-Mail our Administrator for further details.

Who Can Join?

Anyone interested in becoming a referee is welcome.

We have no preference. Male, Female, young or old.

As long as you pass the entrance exam after doing the course, you are welcome.


Refereeing is a great way to stay closely involved in football. Some (men and women) choose it because their playing days are over: Some start young because they want to get to the highest level: Some get into refereeing by accident:

You will find you're level whether it be local league, Federation, National or the the top level as a FIFA Referee or Assisant Referee.

There are many rewards, depending on how far you set your goals.

Benefits of Joining

There are several benefits to becoming a member of our association.
There is no having to pay for your uniform.
This is provided for new referee's.

Subs are only $10.

You receive ongoing help and guidance.

You will be paired up with a more experience referee.

Associate with a friendly group.

We would love to see youths, both boys and girls to try their hand at refereeing.
The initiative will include the participants refereeing junior games in the morning so that they can still play in the afternoon or the next day.
The younger you begin refereeing the likelier the chance of having a successful future as a referee
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Canterbury Soccer Referee's Association PO Box 22702 Christchurch, New Zealand