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Canterbury Soccer Referee Profiles
Wayne Stapley
Brian Hulton
Tony Ambrose
Peter Bloy
Andy Brown
Ash Connor
Paul Dalziel
Liam Doyle
Wayne Elcock
Mike Halpenny
Vasilis Kazakos
Hossam (Sam) Khaled
Chemi Li Sheng
Hamish Little
Darrin Mitchell
Stephen Roach
Mark Rule
Wayne Stapley
Brian Stevens
Gabriel Streza
Ian Walker



Wayne Stapley             

D.O.B.  December 31 1959

Police Officer

Married to Anne

One son.

Playing around with computers organizing tables, web site etc and following most other sports on TV or live. Playing golf if I had time.

Referee History: 
1990 Began refereeing as a challenge as there was no challenge left in playing.                                  

1992 Received NZ Badge - Refereed top local soccer (now Federation) since 1993

1994 Attended School of Excellence in Napier

1997 Received FIFA Assistant Referee Badge

1999 First appointed to Australia National League as Assistant Referee



Major Appointments as Assistant Referee:

1997 Christchurch U17 WC Qualifiers

1999 Auckland Olympic Qualifiers

2000 Cook Islands U20 WC Qualifiers

2002 Vanuatu U20 WC Qualifiers

2004 Australia Olympic Qualifiers


Chatham Finals 1998 & 2003

National League Finals & 2001

Several Internationals within New Zealand



Meeting and officiating with referees from all over the world. I would never have done so if I had not become a referee.

Invited to officiate as Referee and Assistant Referee at 2003 Universiade in Daegu, South Korea & 2005 Universiade in Izmir, Turkey



Refereeing Goal:

Help other referees attain their goals




I found that I trained more as a referee than I did when I played.

To be fair to yourself and the players it pays to put in the hard work.