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Canterbury Soccer Referee Profiles
Hossam (Sam) Khaled
Brian Hulton
Tony Ambrose
Peter Bloy
Andy Brown
Ash Connor
Paul Dalziel
Liam Doyle
Wayne Elcock
Mike Halpenny
Vasilis Kazakos
Hossam (Sam) Khaled
Chemi Li Sheng
Hamish Little
Darrin Mitchell
Stephen Roach
Mark Rule
Wayne Stapley
Brian Stevens
Gabriel Streza
Ian Walker


D.O.B.               26.11.1979

Occupation:      IT Assistance

Married:           No

Children?         None

Hobbies:           Soccer, swim, movies, read and chess

Referee History: 

2005     First Premier League game


2004     School of Excellence- Napier

NZ Metal Badge (First test was in chch and second test was in Dunedin)


2003     Joined Canterbury Soccer Referees Association






2006          Rangers Tournament final, Western vs. Rangers

            Nominated to National Youth League


2005     Nominated to National Youth League

            Nominated Most Improved Metal Badge Holder


2004     Nominated to National Women League



Why you became a referee:


It all started after a shoulder injury. I took the introductory course to learn more about the law of the game then I started refereeing. I enjoyed it so much since it is still to do with soccer and also liked the fact that I could improve the game by being a good referee.




My goal would be to improve my refereeing and to have the opportunity to become a F.I.F.A referee one day.