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NZFC Referee Profiles

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Kevin Stoltencamp-Referee

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Kevin Stoltencamp

Date of Birth:           06.04.65

Occupation:             Director of Coaching at Massey High School

Family:                      Married to Albra, two children, son Kyran and daughter Kieran


I enjoy playing and watching all sports.  There is nothing better than watching a big sporting event and or concert live. Reading – biographies of historical and sporting Personalities and autobiographies when I have the time. Traveling and spending what little quality time I have with my family.

Music:                       Sting, Santana, Bob Marley, Ojays, Seal, Che Fu,

Favourite Food:      Hot Mutton / Beef Curry, well done Steak

Favourite Team:      Leeds United, Orlando Pirates and Maritzburg United

Favourite Player:    Delron Buckley

Favourite Actor:     Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman

Referee History:     Began in 2001

Referee Influences:

Bill Davies for seeing something in me that I did not know existed four years ago.  Peter Warfield, Butch Whitford, Paul Smith, Santi Vega, Martin Pepper and Stephen Fletcher for all the advice and time taken to listen to my stupid questions.

Referee Goal:           To give off my best for the players and enjoy this moment