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NZFC Referee Profiles

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Dave Langley-Assistant Referee

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Dave Langley

Born 19 May 1955 in Dunedin     

Occupation:  Salesman

Marital To Brenda

Children: Three boys; all married off

Hobbies: Car racing own an XB Fairmont and compete in club events

Football/Referee History: 

Played at senior level and became a referee in 1993.  Started refereeing senior football in 1995, I think


Highlights so far:

National league assistant last season and Football championship assistant this season


Why I became a Referee:

Couldn't play at the top level any and more and as I went down the grades found that referees didn't exist.  Being competitive I began refereeing on the side, finally joined the Otago Referees Association in 1993.