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NZFC Referee Profiles

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Brendan Van Oostveen-Assistant Referee

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Brendan Van Oostveen

Born: 15 April 1964, Wellington  

Occupation:  Secondary school teacher

Marital Status: Married

Children: Georgia, Declan and Ellie

Hobbies: Golf and fishing

Football/Referee History: Played for Mirimar Rangers and North Wellington. Refereeing for 3 years.


Highlights so far:

The referee academy in Napier where I got to meet Sante, Andy, Pugsy, JC, Ian and a few others.  Its a great feeling being part of a team.


Why I became a Referee:

I was watching a game and shared my opinion of the referee with an assessor (Rex Dunn). He said I might be right but "I don't see you out there". I started the next week, I only wish I had started earlier.